I had some stellar support in creating this album – thanks to all the voice talent, the musicians, my recording / mix engineers, and other friends!

Natasha Collette: writer, composer, producer

~piano & keyboard, hurdy-gurdy, narration

Read more about Natasha.
Kevin Harrington
~Ne Raimon de la Tor

Kevin is an actor/voiceover talent in Boston. He’s worked in various theater, film, and improv settings; including Improv Asylum and the 48-Hour Film Project.
Benjamin Corbeil
~Guillaume de Dalon, Assam d’Hallah

Benjamin C. is a native of francophone Quebec, and was attending Berklee College of Music.
Benjamin Jacquemet
~Simon de Dalon

Yes that’s a legitamate French accent! Benjamin J. lives in France, where he runs an architecture firm. The work he does promotes ‘green’ living solutions, bringing people in contact with nature.
Check out his website at:
Paul “Garbanzo” Hudert
~Jaufre di Fiorenze

Paul is a real-life juggler, you can see him around the US and internationally at Renaissance festivals and other events.
See his website at
Jennifer Bliss

Jennifer is a true renaissance woman, with artistic tendancies and abilities in multiple areas– from music to aerial dance, theater, community organizing, hula hoops…One of her projects includes Scallywags, a pirate-themed band.
In VIDA, she contributes the medieval sounds of alto recorder and sopranino.
Kenji Kikuchi

Kenji is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, as well as having studied at many other music schools. He is currently a teacher at four schools himself, returning occaisionally to Japan for performances. His skills include composing, arranging, orchestration, patience with kids!, as well as proficient skills on saxophone, flute, clarinet.
Gregor Harvey

Gregor Harvey is famous in Rennaisance Faire circles for his many years as half of the duo “Bedlam.” He continues as a solo act for some venues, in the past he’s also played with Guy Mendilow.
On VIDA, listen for the lovely strains of acoustic guitar; then online look for anything and everything he’s recorded elsewhere!
Jason Gillenwater
Bethany Weinstein
Scott C. Martin
~recording engineer, mastering

Scott works full-time at Berklee College of Music, where he was also a student. Detail-coscious and extremely knowledgeable, he put hours of time into making VIDA sound as rich as it does.
Tina Morris
~recording engineer

Graduate of Berklee College of Music in the MP&E program, Tina has relocated to LA to pursue bigger and better projects. Part of VIDA was recorded at her studio Star Love Girl.