I did quite a bit of research to produce this concept album. If you’ve enjoyed the context / content of “VIDA”, you may be interested in learning more.  For anyone interested in my sources, here is a mostly-complete list of books I referenced:

Akehurst, F.R.P. and Judith M. Davis, ed, Handbook of the Troubadours, University of California Press, 1995
overview, several topics covered indepth. particularly nice literary/language related pieces

Bogin, Meg, The Women Troubadours, W.W. Norton & Co., NY, 1980
feminist look at trobaritz – women in medieval society, Occitania specifically; all women’s vidas, works

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music & lyrics of medieval song

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beautiful, obscure drawings, paintings; poetry, musings, documents from middle ages

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enumerated list of “rules of love

Thiebaux, Marcelle, trans, The Writings of Medieval Women, Garland Publishing, Inc, NY and London, 1987

Yudkin, Jeremy, Music in Medieval Europe, Prentice Hall, NJ, 1989
Yudkin was my music history professor at B.U. – thanks for the inspiration!

Egan, Margarita, The Vidas of the Troubadours, Vol. 6 Series B, Garland Library of Medieval Literature, NY, 1984
English translation of all vidas

Shirley, Janet, trans., The Song of the Cathar Wars, A History of the Albigensian Crusade, Scolar Press, 1996.
info about albigensian history – long epic poem about crusade, 2 original contributors

Power, Eileen, Medieval Women, Cambridge University Press, 1975.
small volume re. politics/social standing of women

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compiled articles about society, language, poetic form & voice, music form

Reese, Gustave, Music in the Middle Ages, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc, New York, 1940.
scholarly background from acient cultures (rome, egypt, greece) to early renaissance.
Gives one of my favorite descriptions of Jongleurs here!

Swabey, Ffiona, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Courtly Love, and the Troubadours, Greenwood Press, 2004.
biography about Eleanor & contemporaries, troubadours, courtly love poetry

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PN691.S54 1996

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lively history with lots of pictures, some info about paganistic/albigensian religions

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a somewhat less lively look at similar topics