Guillem de Cabestaing was a knight from the region of Roussillon, which borders on Catalonia and Narbonnais. He was a very charming man, distinguished in arms and in gallantry and in courtliness. And there was in his region a lady called Lady Soremonda, wife of Lord Raimon de Castel Rossillon, who was very rich and noble, and wicked and fierce and cruel and haughty. And Guillem de Cabestaing truly loved the lady and sang about her and composed his songs about her. And the lady, who was young and noble and beautiful and charming, loved him more than anything in the world.
And this was told to Lord Raimon de Castel Roussillon. And he, like an angry and jealous man, investigated the matter, and learned that it was true. And he ordered that his wife be carefully watched. And it so happened that one day Raimon de Castel Roussillon came upon Guillem passing by without great company, and he killed him. And he took the heart out of his body, and had it taken to a squire in his house, and had it cooked and peppered, and gave it to his wife to eat.
And when the lady had eaten the heart of Lord Guillem de Cabestaing, Lord Raimon told her what it was. And when she heard it, she lost her sense of sight and her hearing. And when she came to, she said,”Lord, you have given me such a good thing to eat, that I shall never eat again.” And when he heard what she said, he ran with his sword intending to strike her on the head. But she ran to the balcony and threw herself down, and she was killed.

*nb* there is an alternate version of this as well, which gives even more detail…if you’d like to stomach that!


Vida #52,  quoted from:
Egan, Margarita, The Vidas of the Troubadours, Vol. 6 Series B, Garland Library of Medieval Literature, NY, 1984, page 53.